XTS TR-2 Multi-mode Mod

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The TR-2 is a great sounding tremolo and our Multi-mode modification makes it even better! The mode switch gives the user the opportunity to use this trem in new and exciting ways. With the switch in standard mode, the pedal footswitch behaves in a stock manner, stomp the footswitch to engage the effect, stomp the footswitch again to disengage the effect. In the momentary-on mode, the effect remains off and depressing the footswitch engages the effect. Releasing the footswitch will disengage the effect. Conversely, in the momentary-off mode, the effect remains on and depressing the footswitch disengages the effect. Use these new modes and quickly punch the effect in or out of a passage to add new dynamics to your playing or produce pattern-trem like sounds on the fly. With the added volume control of the Multi-mode mod, you can always find unity gain or boost the effect output for emphasis! We apply our TR-2 mods to clean, used Boss TR-2 tremolos. We do a complete function check and then apply our modification. If you'd like to send us your TR-2 to modify, please email us. The cost to modify your TR-2 will be $75 plus return shipping.
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Dimensions 2.8" x 5" x 2.2"
Weight 0.8 lbs
Power Requirements 9 VDC: 5.5 x 2.1mm plug, center negative
Made in USA

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