New Rig: Accessibility Minded Build


Every rig we do is unique, but this one is on another level. We had the honor of being able to build a rig for a paraplegic client who had very specific needs to get the functionality he was looking for.


Because the client has limited use of his lower extremities, we needed to develop a system that would allow him to control his rig remotely, giving him the same sort of functionality that a typical guitar rig affords. Using the Guitar Wing from Livid instruments and a Kenton USB Host, along with the Musicom Lab switcher, the client is able to access preset sounds, individual pedal on/off states, as well as preset and expression control on his Eventide H9. The size of the board and even the location of its handle are specific to the vision of the board: a no compromise solution that meets the form, function, and tonal requirements of the client.


One of the things we like most about this rig is that it goes beyond simply restoring typical pedalboard function to a client with special accessibility needs and delivers a playing experience that goes beyond the typical and encourages creativity and provides new ways of performing. We’ve had all kinds of Nashville studio and live players come in the shop and see how cool and expressive this system could be for them.


The Flexiface also gives the client a bunch of utility for not alot of space. He can add a pedal of the day with an insert, use FX Loop equipped amps, or go stereo, all depending on how he patches into his interface.


From the client:

“This is a game change for me and possibly many other disabled guitarists… Accessibility and guitar tone for the first time.”


We created a short demo video to show you some of the things this board can do….

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