Florida Georgia Line: All comes out in the wash


The crew at FGL had a run in with Mother Nature, that resulted in a great deal of gear taking an unexpected bath. What do you do when you need two complete, bulletproof guitar rigs done in an extremely short time frame? Call your friendly neighborhood XTS Nashville Custom Shop.

Many of you will remember the great Nashville Flood of several years ago. While it was truly a terrible event, it did serve as the beginning or our rig building relationship with Keith Urban and his tech, Chris Miller, and as our first large-scale lesson on how water is a truly nefarious opponent. Everything it doesn’t out and out destroy gets left in a state of ambiguity. “Will it work forever? Will it work for just a little while?”

With a large touring act, there isn’t a lot of room for ambiguity. Anything that is the least bit suspect must be replaced. So it is here. All new stuff for guitar players Tyler Chiarelli and Jimmie Deeghan.

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