Frequently Asked Questions

Our full Terms and Conditions notice is here.

I have a support question. How can I contact you?
If you still have a support related question, contact us at We try our very best to respond to requests within 1 business day.

Do your guitar FX pedals have a warranty?
Yes, all FX pedals are warrantied for defects from workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If you have any trouble with your pedal contact us for help in diagnosis. If necessary we will replace or repair the pedal at our discretion.

Can I power my XTS pedal with more than 9VDC?
Each individual product page has details on the power requirements for our individual pedals. In general, none of our pedals should be powered by more than 9VDC or damage can result.

When will my order ship?
We ship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Orders placed and paid before 1:00 p.m. CST on those days will normally ship the same day; orders completed after the cutoff time will ship the next shipping day.

How do I get a pedalboard/rack built?
The process starts with a consult. Contact us at and we’ll develop a plan for your rig build and a quote for system costs.

How do I get a custom rig interface made?
The process starts with a consult. Contact us at and we’ll develop a plan for your interface build and a quote for interface costs.

What’s the difference between the Precision Overdrive and the Precision Multi-Drive?
The Precision Overdrive and Multi-Drive are built on the exact same platform. The PMD simply has two additional controls to control bass contour and pedal dynamics. We highly recommend the PMD as its greatly increase flexibility warrants the marginal cost increase.

Where are XTS products made?
All XTS products are made in the USA

Product Availability?
Please see each product page for in-stock status. We do our best to remain in-stock on all products so out-of-stock items will be so temporarily. Due to the nature of small scale manufacturing, we cannot give specific times for a particular products return to in-stock status.

Where can I buy your products?
You can buy XTS products direct from our store, or from one of our US or international dealers

I live outside of North America. Can you ship to me?
Yes. Check with our international dealers to see if there is one near you.

I live outside the U.S. Would it be possible for you to declare my pedal at a lower value or as a gift so I can save on customs fees?
No, to maintain our continuing ability to ship internationally, your shipment’s value and type will be assigned as indicated by its commercial invoice.

Do you sell blemished or B-Stock items?
Sometimes we have a few blemished or B-stock items available for purchase. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for availability.

What is your return policy?
After your receive your XTS pedal. You have 5 days after receipt to review the unit and how it works for you and your rig. If the pedal doesn’t work for you, contact us for an Return Merchandise Authorization and ship it to us fully insured and with signature confirmation.

Do you take pre-orders?
Sorry, no we do not.

I’ve heard you’re working on a new pedal? What’s it going to be?
We are always working on new products. However, since we are exceedingly critical of the finished result, we are unable to release details of anything that is half-baked or not completely ready to hear. We often post updates on our website or Facebook page, keep looking there.

I have a product idea. Can I send it to you?
Our client’s ideas are always welcome. However, if it is an idea for a product you’d like to capitalize on yourself, please refrain from sending it. All submitted ideas will become exclusive property of XTS and free to use without compensation. XAct Tone Solutions, LLC will not have any liability for any similarities between your ideas and our current and future products.

Will XTS endorse my band?
While we appreciate that any band would like our products enough to desire endorsement, as a very small company, we don’t have the ability to do traditional endorsement deals where artists are paid to use our products. We are able to work with a small number of nationally touring artists or acts, so feel free to contact us for more info. Please bear in mind that we can only respond to a limited amount of inquiries.

I just made an amazing video featuring a XTS product. Can you feature it?
Send us a link! We love seeing what clients are doing with the gear we make.